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This is a seconds as the design is blurry in places and the candle glass is more tapered than my current designs.


Enchanting tealight holder depicting a blue starry night seen through delicate tree branches. Created by applying a Cyanotype on delicate textured paper to glass.


This unique candle holder is created using the old photographic process of Cyanotype. A light sensitive solution is applied to mulberry paper, objects or negatives layered on then exposed to sunlight, the solution is then rinsed off and the paper dried, fixing the image. To make these candle holders the paper is then applied to glass. The thinness of the paper allows the light to shine through the image.

8cm diameter, 9cm height. Tea light included.

Gift boxes are available in a separate listing.

Please note each candle holder is unique and hand-made to order.


All images and designs Copyright The Way to Blue, 2024.

2.Starry Winter's Night Cyanotype Candle Holder Super Seconds

£17.50 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price
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