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This is a 'seconds' as I'm discontinuing my Cyanotype lanterns and the join isn't perfect but can be displayed so it's not showing.


A unique blue Cyanotype candle cover with Butterflies fluttering over a starlit meadow. When used with the flameless flickering tea light provided a beautiful warm glowing scene is created.


I use the old photographic process of Cyanotype to create my images. A light sensitive solution is applied to 300gsm watercolour paper a negative laid on then exposed to sunlight, the solution is then rinsed off and the paper dried, fixing the image in lovely blue tones. 


A warm toned flickering flameless tea light is supplied with the candle cover. It cleverly has a timer inside which switches it off automatically after 6 hours then will swicth it back on the same time the next day. Replaceable standard lithium coin batteries CR2032 are readily available, one is provided. (Not suitable for use with real candles.)


Supplied in a lovely quality brown Kraft gift box with white inside.


8cm diameter, 18cm height.


All images and designs Copyright The Way to Blue, 2024.

Butterflies in star light Cyanotype Lantern Super Seconds 2024

£30.00 Regular Price
£16.50Sale Price
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